In the late 1920's, my grandparents, the Planzers and the Strickers,
came from Europe.  Both families opened bakeries on North Avenue
in Chicago.  In 1943, the Stricker family moved to Harvard and
bought the bakery from R. J. Keeley.  In 1949, The Planzers bought
the bakery from the Strickers.  In 1950, the Planzers and the Stricker
families were united by the marriage of their children, Shirley and
Tony.  Tony and Shirley acquired the bakery from the Planzers in
In 1967, the bakery moved into its present
location and the current name, Swiss Maid
Bakery, was established.  Twenty years
later, in 1987 Kurt, Paul and Eric took over
the bakery from their parents.  Kurt left the
bakery in 1999 and sadly Eric passed
away in January 2005, leaving Paul to
continue the proud family tradition.  Paul's
son Jeremy joined the bakery in 2005,
after attending Scottsdale Culinary Institute
to mark the 5th generation of Stricker

Paul and Jeremy continue to produce
quality bakery products to the Harvard and
Woodstock retail stores and wholesale